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Artemia Cysts for Aquatic feed

  • Wholesale Pure Chicken Powder Animal Protein Powder Pig Food From China Feed Supplier

    Contact NowWholesale Pure Chicken Powder Animal Protein Powder Pig Food From China Feed SupplierPure chicken powder animal protein powder is made from pure chicken dry, without adding edible pigments and additives. Rich in poulty need to grow and amino acids, low fat, low quantity of heat, suitable for growing pig to eat.It has a high toughness and good taste. It is your pig's favorite.Its efficacy is equal to that of chicken granules, which are more digestible and absorbed than it is, and are more suitable for food. With good nutrition and economic chicken powder, when have dinner in the dog food with a stir, then you will see my dogs voracious, at the same time can also mix in dogs usually do not love to eat vegetables, nutrition and health... We only use products to speak, looking forward to cooperating with you!Read More

  • Yeast Powder 50% animal feed yeast

    Contact NowYeast Powder 50% animal feed yeastBasic Info Product Description Type: Keeping Health and Promoting Growth Shape: Powder Feed Main Nutrients: Premix Feed Function: Nutrition Enhancer Main Ingredient: Compound Premix Yeast Powder This strain microorganism ferments the product, interior above of thick protein 50% its...Read More

  • Fresh Blood Meal Feed Animal High Protein Powder China Supplier

    Contact NowFresh Blood Meal Feed Animal High Protein Powder China SupplierThe protein content of this blood meal is between 70% and 80% of high animal protein feed, water control is within 12%.The nutrients such as lysine, arginine, methionine, cystine and other amino acids are required in livestock breeding.Our company specializing in the production of wholesale blood meal, fish meal, chicken meal, meat meal, soybean meal, corn flour, rice meal, such as animal feed, such as you have needs and questions can feel free to contact us, we will reply to you immediately!Read More

  • Aquaculture Fish Meal Flavor Powder Feed Additives

    Contact NowAquaculture Fish Meal Flavor Powder Feed AdditivesDescription TTX feed flavor is a sense feed additive that can improve the taste and smell of feed. Feed flavor can increase feed intake, promotes feed digestion and absorption by provoking gustation and olfaction of the animal. anchovy fish meal use fish named anchovy as material. TTX Seafood...Read More